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  • West Valley New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (12 Bottles)

West Valley New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (12 Bottles)

SKU: WMW6297
$19.99 $11.00 a bottle $132.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

Fresh and Frisky New Zealand Sauvvy!

Brand new to WineMarket shelves comes this zippy, fresh, and inviting Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand! If you enjoy a less herbaceous, more tropical-influenced style of Sauvvy, that retains all the tight acidity you know and love, you'll want to give this newbie a try!

The Bottom Line

  • Lip-smacking, mouth-watering, tropical-influenced Sauvvy!
  • Perfect sofa-side sipping!

Why You'll Love It: Think Sauv Blanc is strictly a summer sipper? Perish the thought! Sauv Blanc is a lovely sofa-side sipper to enjoy while the heater is pumping and you're after something to chase that spicy South-East Asian takeout - so don't hold onto your stash 'til spring! Sip your way through winter in Sauvvy style!

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Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: 2017

  • Alcohol: 12.1%

  • Regions: imported

  • Varieties: sauvignon blanc

  • Color: Pale gold

  • Nose: Aromas of passionfruit and summer melon

  • Palate: The palate is mineral with a tight line of acidity which results in a refreshing finish with hints of tropical fruit

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