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Rosy Rose Dozen (12 Bottles)

SKU: WMM2835
$15.49 $7.42 a bottle $89.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

Put Some Pink in Your Summer with Rosé!

Brighten up your summer with some lovely Rosés from a few of your favourite producers! We've gathered some of our picks from the WineMarket collection for a case of rosy gems that are sure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy chilled straight from the fridge and set yourself up for sweet summer sipping stat.

The Bottom Line

  • A collection of cheery (and tasty!) Rosés!
  • From France and here at home!
  • Includes beauties from Red Cliffs and Blossom Hill

The mix contains:

  • Blossom Hill Rose 2016 - 3 bottles, RRP $12.99 per bottle
  • Reserve de Sainte Cécile Rosé 2016 - 3 bottles, RRP $16.99 per bottle
  • Lovers Not Toreadors Rose 2017 - 3 bottles, RRP $16.99 per bottle
  • Red Cliffs Rose 2017 - 3 bottles, RRP $14.99 per bottle

Please Note:

We will make every effort to supply orders exactly as listed above but if necessary will replace any out of stock wine with a similar bottle of equal or greater quality. Cheers!

Prices displayed may vary for the Northern Territory. Read More Here

Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: Mixed Case

  • Regions: mixed wine case

  • Varieties: mixed rose

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