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Richard Hamilton Watervale Riesling 2015 (6 Bottles)

6 Reviews
SKU: WMW9645
a bottle $120.00

Clare Valley Riesling With Finesse, Purity And Plenty Of Class!

This is a no-brainer. Clare Valley. Watervale. Riesling. If those little tidbits don't make your mouth water then wait until you lift the glass to your mouth. It's got all those floral nuances that Watervale is famous for, plus a refreshing citrus zest that's perfect for summer.

The Bottom Line

  • 5 Star Halliday-rated winery
  • So fresh! So lively!
  • From the finest region for Riesling in the country
  • Making for beautiful year-round drinking

Richard Hamilton wines have Aussie heritage going all the way back to 1837 with Hamilton himself being a fifth generation wine grower.

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Ratings & Reviews

Everything one expects from a Clare riesling


This is a lovely wine, with a clean lemon lime palate and a nice amount of dryness and acidity.

It is very pleasant to drink on it's own and goes especially well prawns and other seafood.

This is my second order for this wine, which I have really enjoyed.

I expect it will age well, if it were not so easy to drink now.



I remember 30+ years ago buying a case of Yalumba (I think, perhaps Orlando) Watervale Riesling by phone from a case merchant in Brisbane. I liked it, have ever since felt an affinity with/for Watervale Riesling, for some more recent years Jim Barry. If Clare region vintners don't have a Polish Hill River or Eden Valley Riesling, odds are there's a Watervale on the cellar door list. This is a worthwhile Riesling in the not searingly dry style but certainly not off-dry either. It treads a middle road with some varietal fruit that progresses along the palate to a satisfyingly dry, rounded acid finish.



A competent Watervale Riesling. Jim Barry Watervale often available more cheaply.

Great value


A well made, crisp and dry Clare riesling. Exactly as one would expect.

Watervale riesling


I was a little disappointed in this Riesling, it's only ok and not the citrus driven wine I was expecting. I don't think it will keep very long, not that I cellar rieslings for long anyway.

Hamilton Watervale


Excellent Riesling where the best Aussie Rieslings come from

had a bottle or two and keeping for my discriminating friends.