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NT Minimum Floor Price

On October 1, 2018  the Northern Territory (NT) Government introduced a new legislation that set  a minimum floor price for all alcoholic beverages sold in the NT, this includes online sales where the destination of the product is the NT.

To ensure we are compliant with the legislation we have had to adjust the price of some of our products.

What is the minimum unit price or minimum floor price?

The Northern Territory Government has introduced a minimum floor price of $1.30 per standard drink to promote safer alcohol consumption. The legislation applies to retail sales and supply of all alcohol products in the NT, including those from takeaway outlets, on premise sales and online sales. This legislation requires WineMarket to price products in accordance with the legislation.

How does it work?

The minimum floor price is used to calculate the minimum cost at which a product can be sold, depending on how many standard drinks the product contains. It does not mean the cost of a drink will increase by $1.30.
i.e. $1.30 x standard drinks = minimum floor price

What is the floor price designed to do?

The minimum floor price has the objective of minimising the harms associated with the excessive consumption of low-cost alcoholic beverages. Excessive consumption of cheap alcohol is linked to alcohol related harm which has serious negative social, health, and economic impacts on the Northern Territory community.  

For more information

Email: alcohol.review@nt.gov.au


WineMarket T&Cs update: If you are a Northern Territory resident or ordering this for delivery to the Northern Territory the listing of a product on our site does not constitute an offer to sell that product to you. Prior to any offer or acceptance, additional price checks will be completed and the price of the product may increase to ensure compliance with the  Northern Territory Minimum Unit Price Legislation.  This may change the final price calculation for your order.