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McWilliam's Family Collection Chardonnay 2017 (12 Bottles)

18 Reviews
SKU: WMW8707
$16.00 $9.00 a bottle $108.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

New Vintage! Creamy Yet Crisp Chardonnay

Here's a Chardy to take you through the spring and summer drinking seasons with ease! Loaded with subtle aromas, and crisp, yet persistent flavour - this is one to enjoy as a table White through the warmer months, and to sip alongside your meal on a long, sultry summer evening - don't miss out.

The Bottom Line

  • 5 Red Star-rated winery
  • Founding members of Australia's First Families of Wine
  • Drinking beautifully now.

Despite coming to fruition (quite literally) during a difficult growing season, the 2016 Chardonnay proved a remarkable and resilient drop.

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Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: 2017

  • Alcohol: 13%

  • Regions: south eastern australia

  • Varieties: chardonnay

  • Color: Pale straw with a hint of yellow.

  • Nose: Aromas of ripe stonefruit, peach blossom and white nectarine with a hint of green apple are supported by a fine nutty character and subtle background oak.

  • Palate: The palate opens immediately with fresh fruit flavours balanced against a pleasant, creamy texture and soft finish. Oak is supportive yet restrained and the acid provides good drive and length, which is nicely balanced by a little sweetness.

Ratings & Reviews

Mcwilliam's Family collection Chardonnay


A style coming in to vogue in Australia,unlike the big creamy ABC chardonnays. my most recent comparison was a Blue Pyrenees, excellent,
almost austere and more than twice the price.
returning home,I opened a bottle of the McW and was struck by the similarity.I only bought a dozen, alas.

Crisp, clean and highly drinkable


Well made with distinctive stone fruit flavours on palate and a little creamy texture and crisp finish. Defintely good value for everyday drinking

Most enjoyable


Not normally a Chardonnay drinker I was very pleasantly surprised with this wine and would actually consider buying a dozen (I normally like mixed).

really enjoyed this one


I haven't been a white wine drinker for many years but really enjoyed drinking this wine. Looking forward to the two bottles that are in the mixed case I just bought.

Very nice


I've had a couple of cases of this Chardonay and I love it .
Great on a summers day or night .
It has a soft honeyed taste , beautiful when chilled .
Great with fish , cheese and chicken .



I've never been a regular purchaser of wines from this family. I have associated them with port and sherry. However they have lifted their game in recent years and this wine is a good example of this. The price is right and on my palette it was very good value for the money.

Value & Taste


Lots of varietal characters of peach and stone fruit on the noise and palate. Reasonable acid and just a touch of oak. Good balance. A well made wine, especially at this price !

Great for the price


A pleasant, easy drinking chardy I'll order again, as it's great value on sale for under $10. Some whites get a bit fruity and unpleasant as they warm up before you get to the end of the glass (yeah I know, I could drink faster), but this one stays smooth and enjoyable.

Chardonnay Delight


This Chardonnay is very drinkable and matches well with many cuisines. We are enjoying it very much.

A Tad Disappointed.


McWilliams Family Collection Chardonnay was a little short on value. It was promoted as containing Oak, however, its presence was almost missing. As a person who enjoy oaky Chardonnay, I looked forward to this wine after reading the promo, however, someone has a fertile imagination.

It doesn't really measure up to the wine reviewers description, is a fair everyday tipple, but only fair. Sorry about that , but I am a good Chardonnay lover.

McWilliams Family Collection Chardonnay


Thoroughly enjoyed this wine, beautiful flavor!



Pleasant and great everyday wine.

McWilliams Family Collection Chardonnay 2016


I am predominantly a white drinker and regularly switch from chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and riesling. Am not overly impressed with this chardonnay, it leaves an odd taste on the palate and to me lacks balance.
It will suffice as a backup wine but I would not buy it again

Quality and value


Consistent quality and value for the price. A good everyday quaffing white.

What you pay is what you get


Good quaffer , well priced, no obvious faults, would buy again



Love this wine, in fact a favourite great taste on the palate.
I like this served very cold and I find it great with any foods.

A nice quaffer


A good buy when on special.

Great Summer Wine


I have bought quite a few boxes of this wine.
I always keep coming back to it for its smoothness and consistency