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Lyrebird Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (12 Bottles

SKU: WMR5418
$15.49 $5.75 a bottle $69.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

Such A Delicious Cabernet!

If you were to travel to all four corners of the globe trying to track down the best BBQ wine for less than a ten dollar note, you might end up with some serious frequent flyer miles and a pair of buttocks perfectly fit to Economy Class chairs, but in the end, wouldn't it have just been better if you took our advice and jumped on board with this deal?

The Bottom Line

  • Big, bold, gutsy Cab Sauv - promising a super smooth finish!
  • No nonsense, no fanfare, just a super-reliable Cabernet
  • Rich and juicy with a hint of dark chocolate

Yes, it's from one of our favourite quality yet affordable wine producers. Yes, it's smooth, richly-fruited, shows fine, dusty tannins and offers lip-smacking satisfaction glass after glass. Yes, it's a perfect wine for the cooler weather with its rich, warm flavours. Yes it's the kind of wine that you'll drink a whole bottle and it will barely touch the sides, and yes, it's just that kind of gentle fruit flavour that makes BBQ foodstuffs come alive.

Best yet, it's going to set you back a couple of gold coins a bottle for this amazing wine. You could launch a spaceship to orbit the globe and the astronauts' radars won't find a better wine deal. Won't last long though - time to get some for the cellar today.

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Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: 2018

  • Alcohol: 13.5%

  • Regions: south eastern australia

  • Varieties: cabernet sauvignon

  • Color: Deep red.

  • Nose: Rich black fruits with hints of vanilla, mint and spice.

  • Palate: Medium-bodied with great texture and length. Classic notes of black cherry, ripe plum and spice are complemented by soft, smooth tannins.

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