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  • La Chamiza Polo Professional Reserva Malbec 2016 (6 Bottles)

La Chamiza Polo Professional Reserva Malbec 2016 (6 Bottles)

5 Reviews
SKU: WMR4696
a bottle $150.00

Have You Met Your Malbec?

If you haven't tried a Malbec yet, come on out from under that rock and give it a slurp! It's THE grape of the moment, originating in France but making a real name for itself in Argentina, it's a gorgeous, fruit-driven, fan-bloody-tastic quaffer that pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods. You won't find a better drop to enjoy with a BBQ - so stock up now!

The Bottom Line

  • Argentinian Malbec - THE drop of the moment!
  • Gold Medal Winner - 2013 Wines of Argentina Awards
  • Silver Medal Winner - 2011 Wines of Argentina Awards
  • Fruit-driven, robust, and perfect with a BBQ feast!
  • Try it with osso buco, grilled tomatoes and basil dressing

Never tried Malbec? Think of it like a rustic Merlot - all dried fruit, plush, silky tannins, and full-bodied flavour!

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Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews

Malbec - I'm hooked


A beautiful, smooth drinking wine with good body.

Excellent value, highly recommend.

Can't really fault this one


Nice dark fruit flavours, bit of spice and very very smooth. You just enjoy every mouthful of this, and seems to go perfectly with food as it's not overpowering or too heavy. It has passed the acid test against friends and family, everyone is asking me to hook them.

What a disappointment


Overrated, overpriced and over here

Not your typical Malbec...


This is quite a delicate red with very soft tannins and a perfumed floral nose. Had to read the label twice to make sure it was from the Mendoza region in Argentina!

The label states the alcohol content as 12.5%, not 12.7% per WineMarket. Perhaps a cool vintage. Not picked too young as little vegetative green nuances to its taste.

But not your typical leathery, ball buster 14%+ Malbec that you search for to go with your steak or lamb casserole.

It's very drinkable, but you will be disappointed if you are after a typical Argi Malbec. I would pair it with pork, chicken and even seafood. Nothing too rich as it just doesn't have the ummph or length of palate to carry it through heavier meals.

La Chamiza Polo Professional reserva Malbec 2016


A little disappointing with a lighter colour and sweeter taste than expected. Would have preferred an earthier punch, drier, darker quaffing style