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Crackerjack Chardonnay 2017 (12 Bottles)

33 Reviews
SKU: WMW3327
$8.00 a bottle $96.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

Our go to Chardonnay

You need a White like this on hand at all times. Reliable, no-nonsense stuff with the winemaking quality to please all comers, and a price-tag to keep the accountant (read: significant other) happy. Enter Crackerjack - one of the big success stories of the past year or so due to its unwavering ability to satisfy both sides.

The Bottom Line

  • The latest run of an old faithful label
  • Easygoing Chardonnay that's your perfect 'anytime' White
  • Stock your cellar to keep this reliable-as-anything Chardy on hand!

If you've bought a mixed box of Whites from this humble (ahem!) wine site of our in the past year or so, there's a good chance that you've come across a bottle of Crackerjack. Their Riesling, Chardonnay, and Sauv Blanc have been staples for a while now - and you lot can't get enough! If you've only experienced their Reds, you're missing out, mate! Give the White side of the coin a try!

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Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: 2017

  • Alcohol: 13.5%

  • Regions: south eastern australia

  • Varieties: chardonnay

  • Color: Bright pale straw

  • Nose: Fresh pear, citrus and rockmelon notes with subtle, complexing oak notes

  • Palate: Rich and smooth with ripe white peach, nectarine and melon flavours. A delicious Chardonnay with a luscious and clean finish.

Ratings & Reviews

33 Reviews

Not Bad


Not a bad chardy, but I think it could do with a bit more oak, I prefer a bigger old fashioned buttery wine, so was a little disappointed with this one, a little light for me. I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

great wine


The Crackerjack chardonnay is a lovely wine the flavor is great

definitely worth a look

- |

The Crackerjack Chardonnay is just that, a "crackerjack". It's great for these warm days of summer and goes with all those cheesy crackers on the back deck.

Crackerjack chardonnay


A favourite of mine.

crackerjack chardonnay 2015


plenty of fruit very good chardy

Crackerjack Chardonnay 2015


I enjoyed the 2014 vintage and decided to try the new vintage.A really good wine for the price. I enjoy as a weeknight glass.Worth a try, not to sweet.

A cracking good drop!


Buttery smooth chardonnay, a great complement to fish, white meats and desserts, or just by itself as a quaffing drink. Easy on the palate, no after taste and light on the sulphates leaving no hangover! This is a great value wine which could hold its head up in a higher priced section of the spectrum.



Wife says this is a cracker everyday quaffer



This wine Crackerjack is very well named according to my 80 yo husband who enjoys a couple each evening in our price range too,

"wait for the crack in Crackerjack"


Have had this wine previously and find it a good everyday drinker. Whether the 2015 will improve a little in the bottle, I dont know but I tend to think it is a little green just now.

Crackerjack Chardonnay


Prefer more oaky Chardonnay but easy drinking. Good value when on sale.

Whute Wine


Easy and refreshing to drink.

Crackerjack Chardonnay 2015


This is a great Chardy. I am usually a Sauv Blanc drinker but this is a great back up

Cracker of a Wine


Well balanced Chardy, excellent value. A pleasing drink that everyone would like.



Easy drinking well priced table wine that suits all occasions however ... there must be holes in the bottom of the bottles because no sooner are the opened and they are empty!

Lovely Drop!


Good value wine that tastes really good at a great price!

Lovely Taste and Loving!


This is what I call "Value for the Money".
Excellent Chardonnay Flavour.
Highly recommended If you like good white wine.

Flavorsome, good value when on special.


A pleasant wine that is refreshing, flavoursome, going well with fish, chicken, pork or just for pre-dinner drinks. It is very good value when purchased at Wine Market's reduced pricing deal- as I aim for wines selling for less that $10/ bottle.

Cracker Jack is a cracker jack of a wine.


Really enjoying this wine, it is very drinkable with subtle flavours. Give it a thumbs up !

Chardonnay what a cracker Jack


Fruity buttery light summer wine, great value and smooth well crafted. Give it a go over Christmas for sure!



Very refreshing

What a Cracker Chardy


Very yummy, so easy to drink 🤗

Hot summer night


Cool and refreshing on a hot summer night. Excellent value for money.



Pleasant and refreshing and a good Summer wine to drink.



lovely chardy, easy to drink tastes great