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Chateau Marzy Grand Enclos de Riffat 2009 Pomerol (12 Bottles)

SKU: WMR6509
$49.99 $33.17 a bottle $398.00 for 12 Bottle Packs

Superb Red Bordeaux Blend from Pomerol - Already Cellared!

Light and smoky, full of fruit and cellared and ready for you to enjoy. Stock up and unveil at every opportunity to impress a roomfull!

The Bottom Line

  • Great lineage, great flavours. A French classic!
  • Cellared and ready for you to enjoy!
  • From Bordeaux to your door - FREE DELIVERY!!!

Every Red fan worth their salt needs a drop or two from Bordeaux, and this one is a great little gem to start with!

And hey - every wine we sell comes with a 100% money-back guarantee! Try two bottles out of the dozen, and if you're not in love with them, get in touch and we'll refund the entire case and come pick up the remaining 10 bottles for free. No risk, no nasty surprises!

Tasting Notes

  • Vintage: 2009

  • Alcohol: 13.5%

  • Regions: imported

  • Varieties: merlot

  • Color: A dark red colour.

  • Nose: A nose of sweet herbs and a light toasted touch

  • Palate: Light smoky notes and fresh clay as a minerally nuance . In the mouth, lots of red fruit and silky tannins .

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