Hesketh Wines

The wine industry has more than its fair share of opportunistic bastards, bottom feeding bloodsuckers who couldn't give a rat's raw rectum for its long-term health.

Jonathon Hesketh isn't one of them.

Jonathon is a man who's grown up with wine in his veins. The Hesketh family have been involved in wine for years, not just here but in Europe, the U.S and New Zealand as well, giving Jonathon an historical, and global, perspective on wine that so many lack.

It's that perspective that lead to his unique new venture, making wines around the world that focus on great varieties and the regions in which they excel. That's why this globe-trotting range features sauvignon blanc from Marlborough and Gruner Veltliner from Austria alongside the classic Australian combinations of Clare riesling, Coonawarra cabernet and shiraz from both McLaren Vale and the Barossa.

We've been able to grab a bit of everything at various times but these seriously good wines, definitive examples of their style, never last long. Why? We’ve been able to get them at less than half their normal price.

Told you he was a good bloke.