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Latest Article: Best Aussie Wine Regions to Visit In Winter

By: WineMarketDate: 02/07/2014

In the scheme of things, swinging through a wine region during a winter’s break isn’t such a bad thing. Cellar doors are equipped with fine liquids guaranteed to warm you up, and slow cooking something and matching it with a hearty red is one of those ‘bacon and eggs’ or ‘Kanye and Beyonce’ matches that just seems to work so very well...

Aussie Wine Regions

Grapes and vineyards grown for winemaking come from certain places. Sure, on occasion, when you've had maybe one too many, it gets pretty easy to forget that wine has to come from a wine region… so we cobbled this Wine Region resource together so you can check in and learn a bit about the areas in Australia that booze is grown in. From the famous regions of the Barossa and Hunter valleys to lesser-knowns like New England and Tumbarumba, WineMarket has sent out spy drones to take a snapshot of the regions of Australia, and then report back here. WineMarket Giggle Juice Georgraphy lesson 101 is just a click away.


International Wine Regions

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