What do you do with leftover wines?

You can't cook a red wine braise or make pasta sauce every night, so what do you do with the left over, half drunk bottles to keep them fresh for another night? There are many theories here, but the best ones will keep wines living just a bit longer. We at WineMarket employ a lot of techniques…

You can put a cork back in a bottle or screw a lid back on, but what else can be done to keep those wines? First thing is first, its best to store all leftover wine, regardless of colour, in the fridge. Yep, even your most ballsy Barossa Shiraz will stay alive longer if you pop it in the fridge when done. If you want to drink it, bring it back to room temperature before you have a slug.

We keep empty half bottles (375ml bottles) laying around the office – not only do they make great vases, but they also work well for storing smaller amounts of wine; they help minimize contact with air. Simply pour your leftovers into the half bottle (if you have less than half a bottle in a 750ml, of course!) and screw or cork up the wine.

Miniature hand pumps also prove to be pretty handy. The brand ‘Vac-u-vin’ has a history of keeping wine pretty fresh – the pump removes the air from a wine and they come with rubber stoppers. And though they can keep wine fresh for up to a week, the tool doesn't work with all wines.

Spray cans of the inert gas Argon are getting more common too. Squirting the gas into a wine bottle helps act as a protective layer between the wine and air, effectively creating a gas seal for your wine. The fancier brands like WineSave claim to keep wine fresh for weeks, regardless of how much is in the bottle.

A reasonably new toy has emerged on the market too. A wine saver in the form of a flexible plastic disc can be inserted into a wine bottle, and when inside unfurls then floats on the top of the wine to keep it sealed.

Our best measure is simple though. Drink the whole bottle…

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