No, no, not the ones in France, these Pyrenees lie in what is known as ‘Western Victoria Zone’ and form part of the westerly reach of the Great Diving Range. The region sits between the towns of Moonambel, Avoca and Redbank amongst sandy loam soils of the undulating landscape. It is a surprisingly attractive wine region with a temperate climate that particularly suits red grape growing. The Pyrenees is best known for its high quality Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

While not being actually in France, the region does have a neat link to the country France, with Remy Martin reinvigorating the local industry with vineyard plantings in the 1960s. Remy aimed to produce grapes for brandy (Chateau Remy, later to become Blue Pyrenees), but taking leave from other producers and a down turn in brandy popularity, established table wine vineyards. An increase in plantings occurred in the 1970s and 80s.

The region makes robust, spicy red wines often with hallmark ‘peppery’ aromatics and indicators on the palate. Far from a detraction, this natural spice in the fruit is a charming reminder of the region's ‘flavour profile’ and often more apparent in younger wines. White wines from the region are generally unheralded, but producers do create evenly balanced, fresh wines from a broad spectrum of varieties.

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