Verduzzo is a ubiquitous white wine grape variety in northeastern Italy, with its origins in Friuli. The very finest examples, light to mid-weighted with notes of ripe apple, pear and a whiff of herb, hail from the Coli-Orientali zone.

Verduzzo gives its wines moderate freshness albeit, notable astringency must be heeded during vinification. Skins are best separated from the juice as quickly as is feasible, with cool fermenation temperatures serving to accentuate the variety's restrained aromas.

Verduzzo may be vinified as either a dry, lightly spritzed, or sweet wine. Sweetness is attained by late harvesting or passito, the method commonly used in Italy to dry the grapes after picking, either on mats and/or in warm rooms with low humidity. This process serves to concentrate the grape sugars, imbuing the wines with an attractive honeyed viscosity. Ramandolo is the classic sweet wine zone.

In Australia, the Pizzini family have had notable success with Verduzzo in Victoria's King Valley. Their version is riper than most Italian expressions, with aromas of pear gelato and curd. The Pizzinis, as well as other producers in the region, rely on sensitive lees handling for texture, as well as a touch of wood for added complexity.

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