Vege Vino

Just because they've given up on the pleasures of the flesh doesn't mean that vegetarians must forgo the goodness of the vine as well. In fact we reckon someone on a diet restricted to fruit, nuts and vegetables needs wine in their life more than anyone. Fresh summer salads pair beautifully with crisp, crunchy young whites like riesling or Sauv Blanc, while slow roasted winter root vegetables can pair up well with barrel matured chardonnay or rich red styles like shiraz or cabernet sauvignon. Like any food and wine matching it's important to think about weight and intensity in both the wine and the dish and try and keep both on par. And for those who follow the vegan approach may want to closely read the labels to see if there's any mention of egg or fish products used in the wine. Egg whites and the powdered swim bladders of sturgeon fish have traditionally been used as filtering agents in winemaking and while they're completely removed from the end product some especially strict vegans may want to avoid wines that use this process.

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