The French Paradox

No, no this isn't a new French movie screening late at night on SBS, though we at WineMarket don't mind flicking channels in our quieter moments to find one. This is the idea that red wine actually can be good for you.

The French have a population that eat foods with higher saturated fats yet they seem to have a surprisingly lower incidence of heat disease. The French Paradox refers to their consumption of alcohol, mostly in reference to red wine, which has been linked through some studies to be part of the French population's better health!

Red wines seems to have the potential to provide good cholesterol, which is said to help with avoiding clogged arteries and incidences of thrombosis. The anti oxidants in wine are meant to be helpful in mopping up 'free radicals' in the blood stream, which contributes to health and long life. Recent studies have been favourable to red wine, with reports saying that a small glass or two of red wine a night could in fact be a health benefit. This is the French Paradox. Though we still can't get those special movies out of our heads…

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