Thou shalt taste wine this way

We at WineMarket like to bend the rules a little. Sure, we have to toe the line from time to time, mostly in regards to not matching Shiraz with our Fruit Loops or chugging Chardonnay from pint glasses, but we do know that there are some etiquettes when dealing with wine tastings. Sniff, swirl and spit is good fun, but there are some guidelines from the so-called experts that we often have to think about.

At tastings you're kind of meant to behave. Yes, the WIneMarket crew does show the odd bit of restraint. Things kick off when you walk through the door; your appearance is of utmost importance.

Firstly, don't wear perfume; don't drown out your fellow tasters with your Mortein and Wild Flowers eau de cologne.

Secondly, lipstick is a no-no; that's for the boys too. Lipstick can alter the flavour of wines.

Third, hairspray is stinky and creates a cloud of chemical smelling musk.

Fourth, no smoking before hand, you might think you look cool, but your ashtray aromas do nothing for delicate Riesling bouquets.

Five, try and avoid coffee, you might have jittery hands and spill your wine, oh and it can muck up your palate.

And finally, strong flavoured foods are not allowed – we're not sure why really but something about ruining wines flavours.

Well, were four short of Ten Commandments, but reckon this is a pretty good guideline for tasting. Just remember not to shout out all your comments, its best to internalize or write them down on paper with pen.

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