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Airtasker Competition

By: WineMarketDate: 15/01/2015

It’s already gotta be up there with the premiere drinking holiday on earth. Now win a $1500 prize pack to up your party game this Australia Day!

Penfolds Grange

By: WineMarketDate: 15/07/2014

It’s true A-lister stuff. There aren’t many wines in existence that have reached the dizzying heights of status and collectability as Penfolds Grange. It’s undeniably the premier wine of Australia, commanding consistent praise for its quality as well as huge commercial interest due to its historic value. Grange prices today can reach up to $50,000 a bottle, far and away more than any other commercially produced Australian wine in history. And the legend of the stuff is still growing...

ABC-Anything But Chardonny

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

The heady days of bubble skirts, spiked Mohawks, bleu eyeshadow and daggy dancing are mostly behind us, but still the relics of the 1980s come back to haunt us. While we at...

Screw Caps Versus Cork

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

It has been about a decade since the screwcap revolution and cork has never looked to be in a sorrier state, research has shown that spoilage in wines have decreased with the rise in screwcap...

Wine Medals

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

So how do those gold, silver and bronze medals get onto wine bottles? It takes a lot of sniffing, swirling and spitting to get there. Australia has over 40 wine shows a year...

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