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By: WineMarketDate: 15/07/2014

Like all good backyard experiments, things can go wrong. But if you’re set on making wine in the garage, under the house or in your laundry, at least you are unlikely to blow anything up, or have the dog turn on you when you convert their kennel into a kid’s tree house. At least with ‘backyard winemaking’ you’re doing the simplest of things, right? Grapes ferment and then ‘hey presto!’ you’ve got yourself your very own Parramatta Penfolds, Chateau Darwin Reserve or Grassroots Grange. Maybe...


By: WineMarketDate: 15/07/2014

For the most part, people tend to think that under the bed, in a cupboard, in the laundry, tucked into sock drawers or stacked in racks next to the TV constitutes and cellar… and who is going to challenge that kind of ingenuity or personal approach to wine storage? Sure, you might end up cracking something you shouldn’t have in the wee hours after a couple of Chateau Blotto’s and a big glass of Goonbag Estate, but at least the wine is handy, right?

How to judge/score wine like a pro

By: WineMarketDate: 15/07/2014

In the olden days, white lab coat wearing winemakers would pontificate in small groups, standing around white tables covered in glasses of wine, in a quiet room, mumbling about tannin profiles, wine faults and balance. While things haven’t changed that much in the wine judging scene, there has been a greater shift to reflect our more contemporary times...

How to spit like a pro

By: WineMarketDate: 03/07/2014

There’s a fine art to looking like you know what you’re on about when you taste wine at a cellar door or rock up to a big time wine tasting. Sure, you can wear a beret, put on a cravat and walk around flicking your pocket watch looking like one of those fancy wine taster types, or you could just fine tune one of the most important aspects of wine appreciation – the professional wine spit...

Cellaring and Storage

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

Cellaring wine isn't a pursuit of creepy rich uncles with subterranean lairs or cashed up yuppies with their fancy wine fridges. In fact it's an enjoyable, rewarding hobby for everyone...


By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

No you're not some weirdo if you like putting your wine into strangely-shaped crystal or glass pourers. Decanting is an ideal way of opening up young wines and shouldn't be limited...


By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

OK, so we're going to state the bleeding obvious here. It's pretty much essential to have glassware handy if you are going to drink wine. We've known the odd WineMarketeer...

Opening Champagne

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

Most Champagne and sparkling wines are pretty tempting to open with great ceremony. Who doesn’t think its hilarious to fire off a cork into the neighbours pool or shoot...

Serving Temperature

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

Australia is a pretty warm place, and because of this we can have a bit of an issue about temperature and wine. Sure we love our beer colder than a polar bears paws, but we do tend to go a little overboard...

Taste Wine This Way

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

We at WineMarket like to bend the rules a little. Sure, we have to toe the line from time to time, mostly in regards to not matching Shiraz with our Fruit Loops or chugging Chardonnay...

Understanding Wine Labels

By: WineMarketDate: 20/06/2014

While not all wine bottles have to have a label, most that you will come across do. Of course, cleanskins are out there and offer quality that ranges between frightening and super value, but you will come across labeled wine more often...

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