ABC - Anything But Chardonnay - no longer applies

The heady days of bubble skirts, spiked Mohawks, bleu eyeshadow and daggy dancing are mostly behind us, but still the relics of the 1980s come back to haunt us. While we at WineMarket can't claim to be very good at dancing, we can claim that the Anything But Chardonnay (ABC) club is well and truly behind us.

The Chardonnays or Australia's past turned a lot of people off the variety. Big, flabby, blousey, broad styled Chardonnay that readily got coined 'sunshine in a glass' looked pretty good for about 5 minutes, but as with all fashions, had to change. In those days it was all about using lots of oak, getting the grapes super ripe and making sure the fruit character was all bold and in-your-face (or nose).

But things do change. The modern face of Australian Chardonnay making has seen a turn to leaner, purer, cleaner and more refreshing styles. Less oak, cooler vineyards and fresher acidity have given us Chardonnay that feels as summery and readily drinkable as the crispiest whites we can find. Chardonnay drinkers need not fear being blown away by massive warm fruit styled wines, the general wine making agenda is turned fully around to come back to these crackling, clean styles.

It's time to revisit Australian Chardonnay and remove the past prejudices. Though we're always glad to reminisce over a bit of nostalgia, let's move forward and embrace our new frontier of Australian wines.

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