A Few Wine Myths

No, this isn't an article that will prove that soft drinks are a proven cure for hangovers or that eating a piece of Vegemite toast before a big night out will prevent the same. Actually, it kind of is. We at WineMarket seem to be a bit of a repository for strange wine myths. The kind of stuff that people generally think about wine but often might need to re-schooled in. Here's a little list of some of the big fables of wine…

  • Putting a spoon in your bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine will save the fizz… Sadly no. Once your bottle of bubbles is open the bead begins to flatten. A spoon in the neck of the bottle won't plug the hole and keep the bubbles from escaping, you're better off jamming a cork back in there and keeping it chilled in the fridge.
  • Red wine gives you worse headaches… Well, technically no. It's how much you consume, generally, that creates those eye squinting, head pounding days after. Sure, red wine generally has a higher alcohol kick so it feels like you've done yourself in that way, but the simple fact is if you drink too much for your body size, you run the risk of brain pain.
  • Wines that show legs (the oily lines in glasses) are better… This just aint true. The only thing those legs are doing is showing the surface tension between the glass and the liquid. It reveals nothing about alcohol content and only very little about glycerol in a wine. In reality, the legs in a glass are just an attractive looking party trick!
  • The older the wine, the better it is… Yes, ageing wines can be great. It's a fun past time and can reveal a lot about a wine's personality when you finally get around to opening it. But making a wine better? Well, that just doesn't work. Some wines are meant to be consumed young, and giving them a long time in cellars does nothing but make the wine less attractive. It's a balancing act and doing research is a great idea. Age does give the right wines complexity, so always be on the look out for wines with a big of time in bottle, they can be really interesting. Check with your friendly WineMarket person to see how the wine is holding up.
  • Wine and cheese are made for each other… Not always! This is half a myth. There are many cheeses that work superbly with wine, but some cheeses are equally way too overwhelming. Rich texture, powerful flavours and stinky moulds can all be a little too much for some wines. The bigger the cheese flavour the more likely it will disturb a wine – taste and sip for best results.

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