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Penfolds Grange 2011 (Single Bottle)

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Penfolds Grange New Vintage Release – It’s Here

Almost five years on from bottling, we now have the privilege to present (and you have the chance to own) the most highly anticipated annual wine release in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Bottom Line

  • Iconic and undisputed
  • Will cellar for decades
  • The 61st consecutive release of Australia's most famous wine
  • Keep for yourself or save as a very special gift

The 2011 vintage was tough across all of South Australia, and no, this is not going to be one of the best Granges of the century in 10, 20, 30 years. But it is Grange. The use of multi-regional blending to come up with the “house style” each year, regardless of vintage conditions, means that this iconic Red is always one of if not the finest wine in the country. Such is the beauty of Grange.

It goes without saying that this is a bottle that will cellar for decades to come- the structure will support aging well past the day most of us will live to see.

Buy a 2011 Penfolds Grange today and you'll be taking home a piece of absolutely top-shelf Australian Winemaking.

From The Maker:

“With every extra month in bottle the wine has evolved/fattened/complexed. Yes, it’s a Grange!”

“The sixth Grange across six decades to weigh in at 100% Shiraz.”

“Nowhere to hide! Q: Is this one of the best Granges ever? A: No. Q: Is this one of the finest reds from the South Australian 2011 vintage? A: Yes.”


Curious about the story of Grange? Read all about it HERE

Tasting Notes

Drink Now Until
South Australia
17 months in 100% new American oak hogsheads
Deep and dense dark red
Instantly Grange – aromatically heralded from glass to nose via trademark formic and barrel ferment markers. Arguably a less-regal unfolding of sarsaparilla, creamy soda/cola-root beer nuances , synergised with black (not red) liquorice and soy. 17 months in 100 new oak is certainly well-hidden.
Revealingly, what initially appear to be reticent repressed fruits…soon overtly ascend – blackberry blackcurrant, fig, rhubarb, quince. A follow-up emission of black olive, shaved truffle, vanillin, boot polish, cola, ristretto coffee…with oak all but soaked up. Proper, pronounced and peripheral grippy tannins input texturally, endorsing what is already a formidable structure, with impressive length, depth and weight. Lively, assured…not trying too hard to be something it isn’t.
Winery Information
With above-average winter rainfalls and cool conditions that followed during the spring period, South Australian regions generally experienced a later budburst and viticultural pressures impacted to varying degrees across the state. Meticulous vineyard management was critical. Spring soil moisture levels resulted in healthy shoot growth and early canopy development. Healthy vegetative growth continued during the cooler spring months and delayed veraison and berry development in the New Year. A few warm days at the end of January guaranteed the completion of veraison and commencement of the ripening season. Careful canopy management across vineyards including Magill Estate ensured good light penetration into the fruit zone. With a focus on warmer regions, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley fruit sourcing prevailed. Whilst rain events are documented, they were often isolated, and attention to detail was required with selective harvesting of pristine fruit.

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8000+ customer reviews

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