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  • Baily & Baily Folio Vic Moscato 2014 (12 Bottles)

Baily & Baily Folio Vic Moscato 2014 (12 Bottles)

5 Reviews
a bottle $99.00

Dainty and Delicate - Perfect for Spring!

This gorgeous, sweet, gently spritzy drop from Baily & Baily's Folio collection is just built for warm weather sipping! Pop some in the fridge and enjoy on a warm evening - with a beautiful view and fantastic food if possible!

The Bottom Line

  • Sweet, refreshing and fruit-driven Moscato
  • The perfect drop for spring and summer!
  • Gently citrussy with a delicate spice

About the Range: Baily & Baily's Folio Range takes you on a guided tour through Australia's top wine regions, by way of each region's top varieties. Stops include the Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, and Margaret River - just to name a few!

Prices displayed may vary for the Northern Territory. Read More Here

Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews

B&B Moscato


I don’t like sweet wine, and I never have any on hand when guests ask for some, so when this wine came at $60 a case I brought one.

I tasted and even I loved it.

It was a warm day, sitting on the patio enjoying this wine.

The apple and pear flavours came through but it was the spritzer that made it just perfect and very refreshing,I drank the whole bottle in no time as it’s low alcohol.

I’ve since 7 more classes for the summer and friends.

B&B Folio Vic Moscat


No doubt about it this is a very refreshing Spitzic wine .i love it very cold sitting on my patio on a nice warm day.

It’s fresh, sweet but not sickly sweet ,the pallet of pears & apples. My friends are can’t get enough of it .

It’s just beautiful

A great drop - Baily &Baily Moscato 2014


My husband only likes rich reds but they’re not to my palate. My “immature” palate enjoys sweeter, fruitier and cold whites. I ordered the Baily & Baily Moscato 2014 just for myself and fellow sweet white loving visitors. It is delicious and exactly what I was hoping for.

Baily & Baily Moscato


Considering it is a low alcohol wine it is EXCELLENT value and good quaffing at $4.08 a bottle. Good for all drinkers.

Lovely drop


Purchased a few cartons to drink over summer. Slight fizz, crisp and sweet flavour without being too sweet. So cheap. Nice on a warm day. Happy to purchase again🥂