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Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 (6 Bottles)

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Top Selling Marlborough Savvy

Those super-popular New Zealand Sauv Blancs are still going strong, and the Giesen has been our bestselling Marlborough Sauv for the past three years running. It’s a top drop, and if the amazing reviews left about the last vintage are anything to go by, you folks can’t get enough of it.

The Bottom Line

  • Premium Marlborough Sauv Blanc - fresh & crisp with passionfruit and herbs & a kick of acidity
  • New vintage of a top top seller - Giesen continues to deliver the goods year after year
  • One of the best examples of Marlborough Sauv Blanc around: the top selling white wine variety in Australia
  • Perfect for celebrations of all types at this time of the year - BBQs, picnics, Christmas gatherings, work functions, New Years Eve parties, you name it there's a place for this Sauvy

There aren't many things that we'll openly admit those folks across the Tasman have better than us. Sure, they might have the slight edge in making 4-hour movies about little hairy blokes fighting over jewellery, but frankly we’re willing to concede that one.

The one thing that does grind our gears is that they've got all these great places to grow cold-climate wine. Yes, our stepbrothers and sisters across the ditch certainly know a thing or two about making wine in places where we’d be running for our cardies.

The 2014 Giesen Sauv Blanc is exactly what you'd expect from that hallowed corner of the South Island. Knockout aromatics, gooseberry, passionfruit and herbs with a kick of acidity to finish. Classic Marlborough Sauv and the Giesen boys have extended an olive branch by allowing us to offer it cheap as ahem..."chups." As long as we promise not to make too many sheep jokes.

Tasting Notes

New Zealand
Sauvignon Blanc
Pale straw
Zesty and vibrant, with a base of rich tropical fruit, kaffir lime, lemon grass and herb aromas
Generous fruit flavours to the fore, with juicy acidity and a fresh, dry finish

Free delivery on all orders

100% money back guarantee

8000+ customer reviews

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