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French And Aussie Rose (12 Bottles)

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Embrace The Pink

Is pink the new white? Was white the new red? And how in Halliday’s name do I get this stain off my good shirt?

The answers to these important questions aside, we know for sure that Rosè has well and truly arrived on the Australian slurping scene.

The Bottom Line

  • Just in time for winter!
  • Fridge-perfect and packed with big names

Good Rosé epitomises everything that all wine should aspire to be. It can be bone dry or packed with juicy fruit, and range in colour from delicate salmon to the violently florescent. Whatever the case, there’s not much better for a hot dusty evening than a bottle of chilly red grape goodness.

The French have known for centuries what Aussie drinkers are starting to come around to; that Rosè is much more than an occasional gimmick, it truly is the best of both red and white in one convenient mouthful.

Perfect with Asian food, or just about any time the sun happens to be shining.

This mix brings a little French number together with some Aussie gems. A beautiful box of Rosè for an absolute steal.

Chill it, respect it, embrace the pink.

The mix contains:

  • Chemin Des Papes Cotes du Rhone Rose 2015 - 2 bottles - FRAN
  • La Plancheliere Cabernet D'Anjou Rose 2015 - 2 bottles - FRAN
  • Cote Mas Rose 2016 - 2 bottles - FRAN
  • Mademoiselle Comedie French Rose 2015 - 2 bottles - FRAN
  • Rooks Lane Rose 2016 - 2 bottles - AUS
  • Peter Lehmann Back to Back Barossa Rose 2015 - 2 bottles - AUS

Please Note:

We will make every effort to supply orders exactly as listed above but if necessary will replace any out of stock wine with a similar bottle of equal or greater quality. Cheers!

Tasting Notes

5 Halliday Star Winery
Mixed Case
Mixed wine case
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Mixed wine case
Mixed Case
Mixed red & white wine case
With a mixed case you're sure to find a bottle to match with just about everything!
Mixed red & white wine case

Free delivery on all orders

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8000+ customer reviews

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