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Chemin Des Papes Cotes Du Rhone Rose (6 Bottles)

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Radiant Rosé from the Côtes du Rhône!

Could you use a holiday in the Rhône Valley? Who couldn't! We can't exactly front you a plane ticket, but we can get you the next best thing - a summery, sensational Côtes du Rhône Rosé from Chemin des Papes! Impress your guests with some fancy French wine, and knock out your taste buds with the fresh, vibrant drop today!

The Bottom Line

  • Smooth, lively, superb Rosé
  • Straight from France's famous Côtes du Rhône!
  • Pairs perfectly with grilled fillet of fish!

What's in a Name?:"In times past, Popes would spend their papacy performing tasks of a more spiritual and mystical nature than political. Legend has it that along their long path of spiritual reflection, Popes enjoyed a Côtes du Rhône famous for expressing the richness and excellence of the local land to perfection. The wine was naturally baptised - the Path of the Popes."

Tasting Notes

A clear sheeny pink with a slight orange hue.
Subtle, fresh and fruity with amylic notes, finely spiced.
Smooth and well-balanced, suave and very typical of a Mediterranean rose wine; a livelier finish delivers superb fruity freshness.

Free delivery on all orders

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8000+ customer reviews

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